Our business efficiently converts food & organic wastes into terreplenish, a product that balances the soil's entire microbiotic ecosystem.
feed earth now's Mission
We envision a world where valuable resources are cycled back to the planet in a nurturing way. Our business is to help society live in balance with nature by providing products and services that capture the energy and nutrients of organic materials, creating a path that transforms discarded materials into valuable resources that enable communities, businesses, and individuals to thrive.

What is it?
feed earth now creates a new kind of soil amendment that will change the way you care for your turf, gardens and crops. terreplenish consistently feeds the entire soil web system instead of treating just the individual plant. The nutrients and trace minerals created under our proprietary fermentation process are far less leachable in the soil because they are not oxidized and are more avidly bound to the soil.

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terreplenish will naturally restore and maintain the health of your turf, gardens and crops. You will enjoy healthier, more resilient plants. You will also see a reduction of water usage, maintenance costs, and reduce your impact on the environment.
terreplenish is not a fertilizer. It is a naturally derived liquid rich in microbes, natural minerals and is pathogen free.

Find out more at www.terreplenish.com
feed earth now foundation

Soil is a living, breathing organism.
The skin of our planet.

Feed Earth Now Foundation would like to partner with you as a responsible steward of the environment. Working behind the scenes with restaurants, grocery stores, hotels and food manufacturers to make our world a healthier place… One ton of food waste at a time.

Food scraps are collected and converted into a high-grade microbial soil amendment and portions are donated into the Feed Earth Now Foundation, pending 501C approval, that then donates this valuable soil amendement to local, urban, and international agricultural projects.

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